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  1. Your business is entitled to a link and a short profile in a special section on AECCI website which attracts an average of 1000 unique visitors a month, therefore we expose your business to a potential new audience.
  2. Advance notice of conferences, seminars other events, presented by specialized speakers and decision-makers, dealing with issues relating to financial, economic, legal and political developments at national and international level.
  3. AECCI gives a News-Release on our web-portal announcing your ordinary membership and sponsorship with AECCI.
  4. Opportunity to nominate yourself for AECCI’s Annual Business Excellence Awards.
  5. Monthly newsletters that contains information pertinent to all business sectors.
  6. During AECCI events we ensure  to display your banner on a Premium POSITION*.
  7. Trade Inquiries received by AECCI from international importers, are communicated to our members so as to help in expansion of their business.
  8. Chamber access** during working hours.
  9. Preferred ticket priority for yearly 3 events and attendance priority for Special Events (i.e. visiting delegation meetings, Consular briefings).
  10. Assistance is provided to members for organizing and participating in Trade Fairs and Delegations.
  • If you have any questions, or if you wish to combine sponsorship with membership, please don’t hesitate to contact to “Mrs. Swarn Lata - Executive Director” at ed@aecci.org.in or membership@aecci.org.in. We wish to thank you for considering sponsorship and look forward to welcoming you and your organization as an AECCI Sponsor.

Ordinary Membership