Self Management - Take Responsibility For Your Life And Forge Ahead

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Self Management - Take Responsibility For Your Life And Forge Ahead

A man's true state of power and riches is to be in himself. ...

-By Henry Ward Beecher


Self management is one of the keys to achieving more in your life. With greater awareness and understanding comes self knowledge. While people may have natural tendencies for success, in their personal makeup, they take the training and education that sets them up and sets them apart. Have you received the training needed to be the your own motivator you can be? Do you feel like a vital member of your personal and professional life?

You take control and get rewarded for the effort you put in. Working on yourself gives you greater belief, increased self confidence and higher self esteem. Self efficacy is our belief that we can achieve our aims, our goals, our targets, our dreams. Epistemology is about knowledge and understanding, how it is acquired and how much things may be known. 

Self Management / Managing Yourself :-

Course Objectives:

On completion you should be able to:

  • Looking at yourself in (perhaps) a new light,

  • Seeing what you have achieved but wanting more,

  • Assessing where you are at and where you want to go

  • Putting in the effort in a constructive way to improve yourself,

  • Finding that balance in your life that gives you a solid foundation,

  • Giving yourself the time and encouragement to move things forward,

  • Going easy on yourself if (or when) you meet hurdles or barriers,

  • Nurturing yourself, day to day, on your path to a better you,

  • Seeing that life wants to see you succeed and looking to the future with confidence,

Program Benefits

  • One of the major outcomes of this program is to create maintenance-free individuals.

  • Improved individual performance and increased results & Enhanced levels of self-confidence.

  • Improvements in attitudes and morale.

  • Individuals who are fully accountable and responsible for making and keeping commitments.

  • The development of high effort performers within a strong performance culture.

  • Develop a day-to-day system for self-management

  • Learn techniques for the maintenance and development of self-confidence

  • Learn to be self-coach

  • Enhance personal and professional wellbeing

  • Realizing the talents you have and using them productively

  • Looking at yourself in a new light - with confidence and improved self image

  • Moving forward with enthusiasm and with increased motivation

  • Setting your goals, achieving them and setting your further targets

  • Your increased self efficacy enabling you to achieve more

  • Looking at yourself with pride, at your efforts and achievement

  • See the 'newer' you in a new light - yourself worth  shining through

  • Your  self esteem  enhanced and your life an exciting adventure

Course Content:

Achieve Personal and Professional Success :-

The Principles of Self Management training helps people become even more effective self-managers of their careers, family, health, personal, and professional relationships.

This program will help participants recognize the self-managing strategies behind their best achievements. It offers practical methods that will help you leverage your success strategies more consistently. This course is designed to help you move through the most basic of Management of your own self and give you new and innovative ideas on how to get the most out of your own abilities.

Module one:

1) Introduction

2) Self Management Skills

3) Rules of Self Management

4) Strategies of Self Management

Module Two :

5) Communication - Inside and Outside

6) Manager of your own-self at work place and Success

7) Time Management / Anti Procrastination Strategies

Module Three :

8) Handling Destructions

9) Mind and Body - How to improve challenging relationships or conversations

10) The Art of developing self - discipline

11) Benefits of Self Management

Module Four :

12) Powerful steps to Manage Yourself and Manage Others

13) How to Manage Balanced Life as Personal and Professional

14) Conclusion

Organisational Benefits :-

An organization operation is guided by its goals and objectives. A top level manager sets goals for the organization and sets some objectives to it achieve its goals. This objective may be the financial results, product quality, market dominance, employee satisfaction etc. Once managers of the organization make a decision, it’s time to implement the decision which requires effective communication with self management to achieve. Look forward and see a favourable life for yourself. Assert control in your life. Don't let things get out of control. Learn to coach yourself. Learn to react more positively to your world. Don't let anything incapacitate you be it anger, fear, having to do something. Wise man will make more opportunities than he finds which will increase Brand Value of the Organisation.

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How to Register:

Timings: 11 am – 2 pm, Registration begins at 10:30 am

Registration Closed on 8th April (Friday)

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    • For Non-Members: Rs. 1,500/- +service tax as applicable per person

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