Roles & Responsibility

AECCI as a Chamber takes the responsibility to create an environment in which businesses can prosper. The main function of Asian Exporters’ Chamber of Commerce is to promote interest in Asian community to explore all the business possibilities.

Right Practices and Best Outcomes

Chamber follows and insists to all its members to follow the right workplace practices. Great leaders create examples and motivate their team by following best management and work practices and ensure to make their employees producing the best results with the optimum utilization of resources available to them. AECCI utilizes all the physical & human resources in such productive manner that leads to providing the best services to business community..

Ethics Required in Business Environment:

AECCI believes that ethics in Business environment is one of the most important aspects. We ensure to give the right consideration to the environment in which the business is operated. Chamber also urges all its members to follow all the regulation given by government for safeguarding the nature and environment. Any harm to the nature directly or indirectly negatively affects to the available natural resources is the key to happy and satisfy customer base.

Choosing the right Marketplace for various products:

AECCI emphasis on creating the right marketplace for its members with great potential to establish and prosperous a business. The secret to success of business lies in finding the most suitable marketplace for your brand thus accelerating growth. In our endeavor to support the business community we guide our members to choose wisely and select a platform that’s designed for performance, scalability and a high degree of customization.

Community Standards in Business:

We assume that while in business, it becomes the bigger responsibility to take care and respect the community standards. Any advertisement, slogan or tag line that may hurt the sentiments of community may be harmful for the business. Chamber policy has been designed keeping in mind the culture and social life of Asian community and that never promotes any discrimination. We guide our members that being in international trade their business policy should be in accordance with target country’s culture.